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Park of Economic Achievement

Monument to Russia's Conquest of Space

Monument at a distanceMonument at a distanceMonument to Russia's Conquest of Space


In the Space MuseumThe Monument to Russia's Conquest of Space is in Moscow. This huge Tower representing a rocket soaring to the heights with a great trail is a bold sculpture made out of titanium.

Underneath there is the Space Museum, which commemorates Yuri Gagarin.

Interesting Art on the plaque at the base of the monumentThe plaque at the base of the monument. Interesting art.

Yuri's spacesuit and capsuleYuri Gagarin's space suit and capsule. And yes these really are the actual artifacts.

Lunokhod roverSpace exploration equipment on show includes this LUNOKHOD, an eight-wheeled vehicle which the Russians landed on the Moon and went driving around on the surface of the moon at around the time of the NASA Apollo landings. Incidentally, the one in the museum is the SPARE. The other one is still on the moon!

SatelliteMore space hardware.

More Russian Space at the Park of Economic Achievement. Link Here

Park of Economic AchievementVostok rocket

Rocket motorsLandersApollo-SoyuzSatellites

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